Work in Progress - Zbrush digital sculpt and 3D Print

This year I bought the digital sculpting application Zbrush and have put quite a lot of time into learning the basics.

This is a sculpture I began in the free version of Zbrush "Sculptris" and then developed in Zbrush as I learned the software.

The title is "Singularity Koan".  Singularity here refers to the "Technological Singularity" that has been well discussed in the media.  Koan is a type unsolvable riddle or paradoxical saying used in Zen Buddhism to promote a shift in consciousness.     Contemplation of the apparent inevitability and concomitant uncertainty of the technological singularity had (and continues to have) a similarly disruptive effect on me - a jolt out of a customary, day-to-day dreary way of seeing the world and my life, into seeing our place in the broad sweep of history, and has caused me to question what is meaningful in my life and human life in general.  I have found this to be a refreshing, if startling, effect - much as a near death experience can be.   I will say no more and let you, dear viewer, investigate the symbols in the composition for yourself.

I am still working on this piece but it gives an idea of the composition at this stage.

Digital renders in Zbrush:

3D print: