Zbrush Digital Sculpture Composition and its 3D print

This composition, also developed in ZBrush, reworks a couple of figures that I previously sculpted into a new composition (including the torso of the female figure in "Singularity Koan" in the preceding post).

The working title is "DNA to Digital" and is partially inspired by design motifs found in popular culture including sci fi action flick "Tron".  I find it fascinating to work in the digital realm and then pull the product of this work into our own physical space through 3D printing (I use a small home printer).   This sense of the two worlds we inhabit - the physical Earth and the online/digital - and the blurring of the line between them has inspired so much of popular culture as well as serious science fiction - and has become part of our contemporary mythology.

Digital Renders:

  3D Print: