A sculpture's journey in and out of the digital world

While in Florence last year, I did this portrait study in clay:


 I was not able to keep the model or cast it at the time.  So I scanned it digitally using the 123D Catch app on my iPad, opened the resulting file on my computer when I got back to Australia. This is a screen capture from Meshmixer of the scanned model:  


And a textured 3D model uploaded to sketchfab (that means that the surface colours captured by the photos has been "painted" onto the surface of the digital mesh (you will see more of this type of thing in the classical sculpture captures earlier in my blog) - click to load so you can rotate, zoom etc:

The file was rough but good enough to work on in Zbrush and clean up a bit - here is the model cleaned up, a new base added and uploaded to Sketchfab - click to rotate, zoom etc:


I then printed the model using my small Up Mini 3D printer.  The small model was printed in one piece, while the large one was printed in 8 pieces.  The safety glasses are included for scale: