Colour Theory and Palette Organisation

The images and notes below are from a course I taught in Brisbane, Australia that offers theoretical instruction and practical exercises in:

  • Basic principles of colour theory including colour relativity, explanation of Hue, Value and Chroma, Coloured lighting and local colour

  • Colour mixing in oil paint

  • What is a colour gamut and reasons why you might want to limit the range of colour for a picture

  • Colour design in relation to pictorial composition - in particular harmony and contrast, dominant and subordinate colours, and discords, and tonal design in relation to colour design 

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Colour Painting from Still Life and Plaster Cast

These images are from a course covering:

  • Applying colour theory to observational painting

  • Organising colour and painting methodology

  • Colour gamuts - how to choose colours for your palette for a particular subject and aesthetic intention

  • Colour harmony, contrast and design

Below: Quick alla prima colour sketches in various colour gamuts done as class demos 

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