Lesson 4 Summary


Ecorche Lesson 4: Lower Leg

-Interosseus membrane

-Grouped deep flexors: Lateral

-Grouped deep flexors: Medial 



-Grouped Extensors

-Tibialis Anterior


     -Grouped abductors of toes 

    -Extensor Digitorum Brevis

    -Tendons of lower leg extensors

    -Muscles of the bottom of the foot

    -Fatty Pads of the sole of the foot


Fundamentals of Form

- Sphere

- Organic form as a combination of Cylinder, Rectangular Prism and Sphere


Life Drawing

- Sphere - rules, mistakes and relevance to figure

-The figure (and natural form in general) as combinations of the basic geometric forms 

- The figure as softened Frusta - sphere plus prism plus cone

-Overlap of softened Frusta to deal with foreshortened masses