Lesson 5 Suggested Homework

1. Use the double envelope (Activity 5), Straight Line projections (Activity 6) and 5 Long Lines (Activity 7) to start some drawings of the figure from observation - from life or reference.

This can be extended by focussing on one particular area of the body as a study.  Since you have already gone into detailed study of the leg and lower torso, this is a good area to focus a study on - taking it through from a "5 Long Lines" start to the development of subforms as we did in earlier lessons.  


2. You can extend this by applying these approaches (particularly Activity 7 - "5 Long Lines") to other subjects such as trees, clouds or drapery studies - by attempting the subject in passes, we can keep ourselves from getting caught up in passive edge copying.

3. As well as subjects such as those above, consider some painting compositions.  This could be your own or someone else's.  Try to simplify to the most important design elements, and continue to use very simple C, S and I curves