Lesson 6 Suggested Homework

Life Drawing/ Drawing from reference (refer to Lesson 6 Life Drawing for details of each activity)

From life (preferably) or photographic reference of dynamic poses:

- Activity 9: Line of Action/ 3D sweep

- Activity 10: Building from the torso outwards into Long Lines

- Activity 11: Beginning with 5 Design Long Lines, and then modifying them to exaggerate the gesture


Shoulder/ Upper Arm/ Upper Torso studies

Use what you know and have learned in this course about exploring form with line and rendering to make studies of these areas - don't forget to apply the skills of accurate observation and pattern finding, as well as considering design relationships, working from major forms to subforms, and gesture.  You can even use coloured pencils to define the muscle groups.


Studies from master drawings

Find a drawing that captures gesture in a way that inspires you and make a study of it - trying to explore the types of relationships that masters such as Rubens, Michelangelo and others used.  Find what inspires you, and explore through drawing.