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Anatomy Books

Gottfried Bammes - Die Gestalt de Menschen

The original of this amazingly comprehensive, clearly and beautifully illustrated book was not available in English.  But the diagrams and photographic references are so good that it is worth having anyway.  Expensive though - approximately $100 USD online

Now available in English! (On Amazon)

Gottfried Bammes - Complete guide to life drawing

This is a shorter but still great book on structural anatomy, with an emphasis on how to use this for drawing the figure.  Not at anatomically comprehensive as the one above though.

George Bridgman - Constructive Anatomy

A classic small text covering the major structural organisation.  Beautifully illustrated.


Dr Paul Richer - Artistic Anatomy

This text remains one of the most accurate and comprehensive artistic anatomy texts available, even though it was first published in 1889.  A true classic.  Unfortunately the english translation has quite a few errors.


John Vanderpoel - The human figure

Strong simple structural diagrams.  Particularly good for studying the head and features in which it is quite comprehensive. Does a great job of relating tonal patterns frequently seen in the head and features to the structural diagrams.


Eliot Goldfinger - Human Anatomy for Artists

A large textbook, well illustrated with clear, elegant diagrams and photographs.  Probably the best book references to understanding the details of the origin and insertion of muscles, though other books such as Bammes and Bridgman provide another very useful perspective with their focus on simplifying anatomy into generalised masses in space.   

Sarah Simblett - Anatomy for the Artist

Illustrations are not as clear as they could be but the photography of surface anatomy in the figure is beautiful and useful


Anatomy Websites

Get Body Smart


This is a free online resource that is very handy for understanding how the muscles lie together because you can remove layers from the diagrams one at a time (similar to Nova Muscle System Pro III except that you can’t rotate the diagrams)


Imaging pathways


Xray images of the skeletal system.  The comparison between the male and female pelvis is useful, as are the 3d reconstructions of the skull and pelvis



Life Drawing Resources

Photo Reference collections and providers



A huge resource of high resolution photographs taken of models at 15 degree intervals.  Buy individual poses or collections of poses (for significant discounts) photographed all the way around the pose.  Some of the images used in this guide were purchased from this site.

Line of Action


Free photo reference of nude and clothed models of both sexes, within the option to view timed poses.  Also has photo reference for head and facial expression practise, as well as feet and hands.


Art Model Tips


Website with images of life models is a variety of poses. Click the photo to access the type of poses you want to view.

These nude photo libraries are conveniently divided by physical sex {female, male} and type of position {standing, seated, crouching, recumbent}.

Phoenix Slides Slideshow Application

For Mac users, this app called “Phoenix Slides” allows you to create a randomised slideshow from a folder of images, and set the duration for each image, pause and go back or forward. This allows you to practise say 1 minute drawings, with randomised poses, and skip poses that you don’t want to draw. (similar to what www.line-of-action.com provides with their image library, but here you can use your own image library such as those provided by Posespace.com


Inspirational Artworks 


This is a great resource for anyone interested in Classical art - Use the Links at the right hand side of the blog or the following URLs:

Anatomy Diagrams:


Photographic references of nude models:


Academic studies: