Tuition with Scott Breton

Update Sept 2018: I am currently not teaching privately or at a school, but am working with TIAC group on the establishment of an exciting new representational fine art education institution in Florence, Italy

Scott Breton teaching gestural life drawing and anatomy to students of ICACEA fine art course, Florence, Italy

I offer various courses in the fundamentals of representational art. These have been developed through teaching many students since 2009, ranging from complete beginners to professional illustrators, and games and movie artists looking to sharpen their skills. 

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Top Left: 3D printed skeletons for Scott's Basic Ecorche course taught for ICACEA, Florence Italy

Top Mid: A student studying anatomy in Scott's class at the Atelier Art Classes, Brisbane studio.

Top Right: Scott teaching Life Drawing for Students of Clayfield College, Brisbane   

Bottom Left: Diagram from Scott Breton's Gestural Life Drawing class

Bottom Middle: Diagram from Scott Breton's basic Ecorche course

Bottom Right: Diagram from Scott Breton's Colour Theory and Palette Organisation Course

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