2 Day Workshop 7-8th December 2019

Hosted by Brisbane Painting Classes


This workshop is a condensed version of the the full Form, Gesture, Anatomy course, focussing on the Life Drawing component. By enrolling in this workshop, you will have access to the full online course notes from now until the 13th January 20th at no charge. This gives you the period prior to the workshop to prepare, and over a month after the workshop to continue access the content.

(After that, if you have found it useful, you are most welcome to change your membership level to subscribe for $3 USD per month, or buy perpetual access for $40 USD.)

How to prepare for the workshop:

These online notes really represents a book - there is an enormous amount of content you could go through and activities to try. If you simply read through the Life Drawing component of each of the 8 lessons and you will be well placed to understand the type of drills I will be guiding you through in order to get the content “in your bones” if you’ll excuse the pun!

In terms of activities to work on, the single biggest element that will benefit you in making the most out of the workshop is to develop your capacity for drawing masses in space - this means going through the sections on the fundamentals of form, and getting to the stage of being able to sketch “Softened Frusta” from imagination. This is something you need to do until you can “feel the form”, getting you out of the flat and into the round. It takes time to develop this 3D capacity but it will unlock a great deal for you as you approach the figure through the various other lenses of the course.


For logistical questions, please contact Brisbane Painting Classes.

For technical drawing related topics, you may contact me here.